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Re: Multi-company > one default bank account

by "Moshchot Coop" <> - 20/01/2023 23:08:29
Thank you so much for your welcoming  feedback Holger and Sylvain:)

Indeed the French CAE accounting example (shared Journals, account, taxes ) seems to be exactly what we need - and we can use all the help we can get to port it from v12 to v16 as quickly as possible, with the goal of proposing and maintaining it as a 16 vertical cooperative fiscal host branch to the OCA/cooperative.

We have some funds (nonprofit scale though) to start spearheading the verticalization we need and we want to invest it in helping sylvain porting  the 4 base modules to start with, or in any simpler solution with same accounting functions:
We already have 3 other nonprofit hosts in pipeline and we’re convinced that the need for such structure is growing exponentially everywhere, not only in our cultural and activism domains but in all sorts of open source communities. Many of the most groundbreaking OS projects from allover the world are forced to use opencollective and such, and the OCA seems to be the most logical environment to offer a decentralized and mutualized alternative to them.

Thanks in advance for any feedback and/or pointers on how to achieve that as swiftly and sustainable as possible,
Lena && Tali

> To our understanding using Multi-Company logic is the best fit for our

> purposes, including the need of inter-company billing, however as a fiscal

> host we must be able to set one default bank account (of the main/parent

> company) for all the children companies.

note that multicompany separates entities to some degree, but as soon as you 
allow any user of the child companies access to the configuration, they can 
undo all of this. The same if you install modules that allow users to run 

> We tried to set it as a default attribute from inherited account.move model

> & form, &, and also muted restriction in to allow

> different companies have the same bank account. This however doesn’t seem

> to work.

links to code are much more helpful than verbal descriptions

> We also tried to set a default bank account value in payment mode, but we

> couldn’t make the parent's mode be accessible for daughter companies.

did you change

Your partner for the hard Odoo problems

Moshchot Coop