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Re: Sorry, i'm not familiar with git

Coop IT Easy SC agréée, Rémy Taymans
- 19/01/2023 20:58:08
Hi Franscesco,

In this case, you seams to force-push on a branch that you own, and no body else is working on it. So, nobody will get trouble with you force push and you don't risk to destroy works of other as you are the only one working on your branch.

It seams to be a good practice to use '--force-with-lease' when a force push is needed. If it fails it means you have to look closer of what your doing and why the push did work by looking at the history of the local and the remote branch. Common failing cases are that you try to push on the wrong remote branch or your going to delete commits from others. For the last case you need to pull and rebase and then push again.

As you said, you're not familiar with the basic concept of git. When using such a tool, its very recommended to understand some concept so that it reveals to you the magic behind and you will fly from your own. There are lots of tutorials on the web, choose the one that you prefer. It will saves you lots of time. :)

See you on PR's one the OCA repository. :)


Le 19 janvier 2023 18:57:25 GMT+01:00, Francesco Ballerini <> a écrit :
Hi Martin I made a small research and I'd like to make a try but at the same time I always doubt about the action I'm planning to do on git. 
For example in this case I have read in this article that I could use:

git commit --amend -m "New message" 
git push --force-with-lease repository-name branch-name

but I am not sure about the 'force' or --force-with-lease which seems a less intrusive option. What I don't understand is, if --force 'which will destroy any changes someone else has pushed to the branch' as I read in the article, and --force-with-lease will "abort if there was an upstream change to the repository", is for me enough to fetch the origin before the amend/push to make a safe amend (I am not even sure this sentence makes sense eheh) or maybe it is an alternative way that I don't know? 



Il giorno gio 19 gen 2023 alle ore 09:27 Francesco Ballerini <> ha scritto:
Thanks, I would appreciate that a lot, if it's easy to solve for you. I was a little bit tired yesterday and don't wanna make even more trouble eheh ... : )

Thank you,

Il giorno gio 19 gen 2023 alle ore 08:32 Martin Trigaux (mat) <> ha scritto:
On 19/01/2023 00:57, Francesco Ballerini wrote:
Invalid title for commit: ' [FIX] product: add explicit copy arg to property_product_pricelist'


This one is because you have a space in the beginning of the commit message, " [FIX]" instead of "[FIX]" ;-)
But don't worry about it if you are not sure how to amend your commit, we can handle it for you if needed.


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