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Re: Sorry, i'm not familiar with git

Francesco Ballerini
- 19/01/2023 18:52:46
Hi Martin I made a small research and I'd like to make a try but at the same time I always doubt about the action I'm planning to do on git. 
For example in this case I have read in this article that I could use:

git commit --amend -m "New message" 
git push --force-with-lease repository-name branch-name

but I am not sure about the 'force' or --force-with-lease which seems a less intrusive option. What I don't understand is, if --force 'which will destroy any changes someone else has pushed to the branch' as I read in the article, and --force-with-lease will "abort if there was an upstream change to the repository", is for me enough to fetch the origin before the amend/push to make a safe amend (I am not even sure this sentence makes sense eheh) or maybe it is an alternative way that I don't know? 



Il giorno gio 19 gen 2023 alle ore 09:27 Francesco Ballerini <> ha scritto:
Thanks, I would appreciate that a lot, if it's easy to solve for you. I was a little bit tired yesterday and don't wanna make even more trouble eheh ... : )

Thank you,

Il giorno gio 19 gen 2023 alle ore 08:32 Martin Trigaux (mat) <> ha scritto:
On 19/01/2023 00:57, Francesco Ballerini wrote:
Invalid title for commit: ' [FIX] product: add explicit copy arg to property_product_pricelist'


This one is because you have a space in the beginning of the commit message, " [FIX]" instead of "[FIX]" ;-)
But don't worry about it if you are not sure how to amend your commit, we can handle it for you if needed.


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