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Re: Multi-company > one default bank account

Groupement Régional Alimentaire de Proximité, Sylvain LE GAL
- 18/01/2023 17:04:56

Le 18/01/2023 à 16:12, Moshchot Coop a écrit :
Dear Contributors,
We are a young distributed devops coop, part of Bar Kayma  - a nonprofit cooperative cultural fiscal hosting consortium from Jerusalem - and a fresh member of OCA, very looking forward to becoming a contributing party to the commons. 

Recently we started the project of implementing our fiscal hosting frameworks on self hosted  Odoo with the end-goal of developing  our vertical solution of fiscal sponsorship and self management for Non-Profit Projects for social economy peers (basically an Odoo-based equivalent) to be shared with the OCA. 

To our understanding using Multi-Company logic is the best fit for our purposes, including the need of inter-company billing, however as a fiscal host we must be able to set one default bank account (of the main/parent company) for all the children companies.

Hi. do you mean that your child companies share the same accounting configuration ? Journals, account, taxes ? If yes, I developped in my company (GRAP) a verticalization for that purpose. (the name is CAE in France) You can take a look here and send me a message if you think that it could be mutualized.


So with a lot of inspiration from OCA/Cooperative we started customising and extending Accounting to our needs and for V16 - but still can’t figure out how to make it work properly.

We tried to set it as a default attribute from inherited account.move model & form, &, and also muted restriction in to allow different companies have the same bank account. This however doesn’t seem to work.

We also tried to set a default bank account value in payment mode, but we couldn’t make the parent's mode be accessible for daughter companies.

Are we using a wrong approach to the problem?  Or deprecated methods? Had someone already ported any relevant parts of the vertical cooperative  accounting to  v16?

We would appreciate any help, advice, suggestions, or working examples on how to add this feature without reinventing the wheel.

Thank you in advance,
Lena & Talia

Moshchot Coop

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