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Weblate project is locked

Quartile Limited, Yoshi Tashiro
- 16/12/2022 14:59:53

This project seems to have been locked since the module was added on 5 December, and we have not been able to work on the translation on it.

The lock seems to have been done due to the following alert:

> No file mask matches.
>   This component set up is incomplete, as it lacks any translations.
> * Starting new translations directly in Weblate is possible, and creates files based on the file mask.
> * Check whether the file mask account_commission/i18n/*.po matches files in your version control system repository.

This is a brand new module, and therefore there is no *.po file yet.


1. Is this (i.e. the project gets locked for new modules with no translation) how Weblate projects are supposed to behave?

2. How can we unlock such projects?

Thank you.

Yoshi Tashiro