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Re: Translation for Odoo core<=12.0

by di Sergio Corato, Sergio Corato
- 14/12/2022 15:31:12
Hi Moisés,
Sergio Corato

Il giorno mer 14 dic 2022 alle ore 15:27 Moises Lopez <> ha scritto:
Hi Sergio

Did you mean, create a new PR to

If yes, It could breaks Odoo SA contributing guidelines

1) Odoo doesn't accept PR related to translations:
2) Odoo doesn't accept PR for deprecated branches/versions:
A workaround, create in your custom module a translation file:
 - "your_module/i18n_extra/{LANG}.po"

with the terms that you need to change for all installed modules and improve the translation from transifex for stable ones

On Wed 14 Dec 2022 at 5:06 a.m. Sergio Corato <> wrote:
Hi all,

as Odoo deletes translation ability for versions not supported, is it possible to create a project in weblate for these versions?

As an alternative, I'll do PRs for every term to translate, perhaps not the better way (an user without git knowledge will find it hard to do).

Sergio Corato

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