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Re: XML errors when upgrading modules, because of fields in unrelated modules

Camptocamp France SAS, Sébastien Alix
- 28/11/2022 09:43:34

Hi Daniel,

I encountered a similar issue lately when developing a module in OCA/sale-workflow, everything was working fine locally, but the XML error you described was raised on the CI:

- my module was adding a field in the embedded tree view of sale order line in the SO form, which by default is in editable mode (no form)

- another module from OCA/sale-workflow disabled this editable mode so the form view of the SO line was open, on which my field wasn't added, so during tests when opening the form, the "field not found" error was triggered. Adding the field also on the embedded SO line form view fixed the issue.

Could it be the same kind of issue you are facing?


Le 25/11/2022 à 14:31, Daniel Reis a écrit :

I've been finding this weird issue for a while, but decided to take some tome to write about it.

I've seen frequently the case where:

1. A custom module adds a field to a model and view. For example. to
2. Later, another (unrelated) custom module also adds a new field to that same model (model and view).

When installing or upgrading that second module, I see errors loading the XML with the form view.
The error says that the field added by module 1 is missing in the view.
But a) module 1 is installed an the field exists and b) the XML for the view in module 2 doesn't have any reference to that "missing" field!

I found this frequently in Odoo 14.
Honestly I'm not sure if it if also happens in other versions.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Thank you


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