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Re: XML errors when upgrading modules, because of fields in unrelated modules

MT Software, Michael Tietz
- 25/11/2022 19:14:46
Hi Daniel

the error you describe usually comes when you remove a field from a model and view.

If you now update both modules at the same time, it depends on how your Postgres server returns the modules.
Because no explicit ordering is specified when loading the module.

If the module is updated first that the field is not removed, an error occurs because the other view is still in the database and not updated.

in this context, however, other errors can also occur.
such as. when loading data via XML.

I hope this helps. 


Am 25.11.2022 15:42 schrieb Daniel Reis <>:
Hi Moises,

I haven't found this to be easy reproductible.
The particular case I encountered today went away after I ran a "-u base" (that I really din't like to do).

On your questions:

1) Yes, In this case both inherited from "base.view_company_form".
2) No (see 1)
3) No groups set on model on view
4) Yes. View on Module 1 does not have a default priority (16 was assigned) and View in Module 2 has priority=100. This looked good to me.
5) Yes, tons of them, between core addons and other OCA modules  :-)

I can give it a try at stripping the modules down and reproducing.

Thanks Moises

On 25/11/22 14:22, Moises Lopez wrote:
Hi Daniel

I have a few question related to reproduce the case

1) Do The third view is inherited from original one?

1. id=original
2. id=inh_a inherit=original
3. id=inh_b inherit=original

2) Do The third view is inherited from 2nd one?

1. id=original
2. id=inh_a inherit=original
3. id=inh_b inherit=inh_a

3) Do the original field has "groups"?

4) Do the inherited views has "priority"?

5) Are there other views inheriting the same view?

Could you share the both modules with minimal code and the odoo-bin command to reproduce it, please?

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