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Re: Reconcile Widget with OWL

Invitu, Cyril VINH-TUNG
- 02/11/2022 22:04:01
Dear all,

Here in PF (country of FR), we disagree with the modification of a posted entry.

We still do like we did in v8.

We had to hack both account_payment and reconciliation_widget in order to :
- forbid deletion of a validated payment
- allow reconciliation of draft entries

We have to force journal setup to disable suspense accounts use. With that setup, the payment entries are validated with an intermediate account. This intermediate account is reconciled with the bank.

As Odoo SA won't change the reconciliation process, I agree with Pedro that the module has to be flexible.

@Alexis De Lattre what do you think ?

Best regards

Le mer. 2 nov. 2022, 10:27, Pedro M. Baeza <> a écrit :
Although the purist approach would be to generate a new journal entry moving the balance from the suspense account to the definitive account matched on the reconciliation widget, I think we can keep current approach for not generating too much noise, and taking into account that you can't do this in a locked period. Maybe we can introduce a parameter for choosing which one to use...


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