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Help solving a CI issue

NimarosaDev, Nicolas Rodriguez Sande
- 02/11/2022 01:17:25
Hello, I’m the new PSC of l10n-Argentina. We are delayed with uploading the modules to the repository due to a issue that I’m trying to solve.

If you see this PR ( you will see that CI is trying to install pyafipws like an external dependency. The problem is that the pipx package is outdated and I need to instal pyafipws from a github repository and follow some specific install guidelines. 

I need to install the version in this repo - branch py3k and also execute this commands: 

Go to installation directory of PyAFIPWS:
cd /usr/local/lib/python3/dist-packages/pyafipws
Note: Replace python3 by the python version in the system (like python3.9)
Create a folder with the name cache:
sudo mkdir cache
Change permission of folder:
sudo chmod -R 777 cache
* extracted from one of our local wikis

This instructions can be easily followed in a local or production installation but I’m having trouble to replicate this with OCA CI since oca tries to install it with pipx and it will not work because we need an specific version. 

This library is essential to our Argentinian localization since it’s a wrapper of our country AFIP api, which is widely used across all our localization. So electronic invoice modules can not work without it. 

So I’m thinking in writing a custom CI workflow with GitHub actions but don’t know if it’s allowed in OCA and also don’t know where to start. 

I will be dedicating time to this next week so any input or suggestion of how to do that will be great. 
Any of you had to do something similar in the past? If you can refer me to a repo which also need something similar or point me in the correct direction about this I will be very great 
full since I want to do it without changing OCA CI configuration too much. 

Help will be highly appreciated.

Also, if any of you with repo access can make branch 14.0 the default one in the repository, it will be great, since we are going to start migrating version 14.0 first, adapt the modules and add tests and the migrate to 15 and 16. 

Sorry for the length of the email. Hope you can provide some input. Thanks and regards.