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Re: Company as maintainer

Komit Consulting, Jean-Charles Drubay
- 30/10/2022 01:33:00

I share the same observation more and more: there is a need to track/manage modules instead of repositories.

Going in this direction I started to work on this topic which started around OpenUpgrade only at first until I realized that this need was broader than OpenUpgrade only:

I have prepared a prototype to share the information per module and which can be tested here

The Issues and PRs are linked to the module based on the name of the Issues/PRs so at this stage it's not reliable.
But naming conventions could be enforced by github checks I guess, at least for the PRs.

Adding a notification mechanism should not be complicated.
I am currently working on a v2 of the prototype.
I am open to sharing the code, which I already did upon request.
I am also open to discussions.

Best regards,


On Sat, Oct 29, 2022 at 4:57 PM Pedro M. Baeza <> wrote:
I'm afraid I don't have a solution for that. I'm subscribed to everything... and yes, lots of noise. But it also serves for having a whole picture, as "what are the modules I am interested in?" Maybe a new module arises over a feature I want.

I use my self-called "5 seconds rule" for dealing with the huge amount of notifications: 5 seconds to decide if to discard it, answer immediately if it takes less than a minute, which can be my distraction window, or let it in my inbox for a later and more calm answer. This allows me to be reactive enough as well as not requiring too much time.


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