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Re: URGENT Call to Action - OCA Delegates Campaign - extended till Friday 28th October

Data Dance s.r.o., Radovan Skolnik
- 25/10/2022 12:17:03
Hello Rebecca,

wanted to let more senior/experienced/advenced members to take care of this 
but if there's lack of interested parties I will try to help.

Please find the CLA attached.
My membership should be valid.
I have filled in the survey.

Best regards

	Radovan Skolnik

On pondelok 24. októbra 2022 23:36:49 CEST Rebecca Gellatly wrote:

> Hello OCA Contributors


> I wanted to let you know we have extended the Delegate Campaign as part of

> the OCA Annual General Assembly. It will now close this Friday 28th

> October. If you are a current paid member of the OCA, you can apply to

> become a Delegate.


> We have had only 7 applications so far - we vote each year to select 10. We

> would love to see more people apply. This step in the process of our

> Association happenings is what helps keep the community dynamic with fresh

> faces and voices coming in alongside our contributors of many years.


> It is certainly not a hugely time-consuming task to be a Delegate, if this

> is a potential obstacle. We have the AGA once a year and it consists of:


> voting for new Delegates (reading profiles then voting)

> reading the AGA documents for the year (basically an activities report, AGA

> specific items and financial statements) voting to accept the documents,

> board members and financial auditors this year, we will also be asking the

> Delegates to vote on whether or not we change the OCA Logo. Occasionally,

> during the year we ask the Delegates to vote on other issues, but again

> this does not take huge amounts of time. Around OCA Days we may ask for

> some extra help from Delegates, if they are available.


> This contribution, in terms of voting, is vital to keep the community

> vibrant and moving forward. If people are feeling they aren't able to

> contribute in this way, would you please reach out and let us know what

> might be stopping you as we would like to have the opportunity to address

> this and find out what obstacles may be hindering people.


> All you need to do to apply is:




> sign the CLA (if not already done)


> have a valid membership. Make sure to purchase your membership or renew it.


> fill in this survey


> We've pushed everything out by a week to accommodate extending the voting.

> New dates are as follows:


> 10th - 28th October  - Week 1 & 3: OCA paid members of 2022 invited to apply

> their candidacy to become an OCA Delegate 31st October  - 11th November -

> Week 4 & 5: Active OCA Delegates vote for 10 new OCA Delegates 14th - 25th

> November - Week 6 & 7: OCA Delegates announce their candidacy to become an

> OCA Board Member or Financial Auditor (for the FA the applicant does not

> need to be a Delegate) 28 November - 9th December - Week 8 & 9: OCA

> Delegates vote for board members, auditors, and financial statements Any

> issues, please do get in touch.

> Rebecca



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