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Free Coding Courses

by "Christin Hill" <> - 14/10/2022 18:41:28

To the Webmaster at

Christin Hill from DataCamp here, one of the largest websites in the world for online data science training.  

I was browsing through your website and I saw that you provide some helpful free resources to your site visitors here:

I was hoping you might link one or more of our free resources.

  • All of our other courses are free to start (e.g., you can do the first chapter of any other course on our site for free.)  You can see all of our courses here.

  • All of our course materials are free for educators to use in their own training. Educators can sign up here to access free course materials for their classrooms.

If I am contacting the wrong person by mistake, please let me know who I should be writing to so I ensure I don’t pester you mistakenly with such requests.

Yours Sincerely, 

Christin Hill

Outreach Officer 

DataCamp Belgium BV

Martelarenlaan 38

3010 Leuven Belgium 

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