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Sale Channel Repository

Akretion France, Sébastien Beau
- 11/10/2022 15:03:27
Hi all
I would like to propose a new repository for having sale channel feature.
The idea is when you do a sale you use a specific channel (marketplace, magento, prestashop, shopinvader, direct ....).

For now all projects reimplement it's own backend and reimplement a lot of common logic (product linked to a channel, pricelist to use, journal for invoice, analytic accounting, email notification and template ....)

The idea is to have a generic implementation of sale channel that can be reused (in a long term) between several projects.

I can put this in sale workflow, but it's already have a lot of module so it's better to add this in a specific repo.

We already have module in V14 here regarding this topic:
The aim is to migrate and extract them in this repo for 16

Thanks all for your feedback