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Re: cancel state on account.move

Camptocamp SA, Joël Grand Guillaume
- 09/10/2022 16:31:04
I'm also in-line with you Alexis. 

Le sam. 8 oct. 2022 à 10:27, Rafael Blasco <> a écrit :

Thank you!


Dear Alexis & OCA Friends,


I agree. Thank you, Alexis.


> For v16, maybe we should switch from the term "All entries" to "Draft and Posted entries"... what do you think ?

> Concerning naming on the report wizards: I think we should align with the naming of the Odoo financial reporting engine.


I agree. It is a misunderstanding for users. The estate of moves should be coherent with filters. 😊




Best regards,




De: Alexis de Lattre <>
Enviado el: jueves, 6 de octubre de 2022 20:37
Para: Contributors <>
Asunto: Re: cancel state on account.move


Thanks for your answers ! We agree that moves with state = 'cancel' should always be ignored.


Here are my PRs for v14 to fix this issue :

- l10n_fr_account_vat_return :


If you know a module that doesn't handle the "cancel" state on account.move correctly, please report it !




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