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Re: Proposing myself as banking-maintainers PSC

Moduon Team, S. L., Jairo Llopis
- 07/10/2022 08:43:05

El mié, 5 de oct de 2022 a las 13:01:47 PM, Rafael Blasco <> escribió:

Dear contributors,

I would like to apply as PSC for banking-maintainers

I have been working with Odoo in Accounting and Payment, Banking as long as my mind remember, and my stack of well-known modules is big.

I have reviewed and implemented quite lot of modules under this umbrella like *import_paypal, import_txt_xls, import_online* , etc.. , design, review and contribute in *mandate, *sepa*, account_payment_mode and all the set of modules around… (*_order, *:_order_return, etc.). Playing a lot to with reconcile and payment.

I’m already PSC of other repositories including accounting and I think I can help in accounting staff, as you know, reviewing functionally, testing, and organizing.

Thanks to consider my request


Rafael Blasco

PD: Let’s go for OCA Odoo 16! 😃I sadly won’t be presencially in OCA Days but I’ll be strongly online!!!


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