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Perhaps an Odoo Performance Issue ?!

sewisoft UG , Stefan Wild
- 05/10/2022 14:28:51
Dear all OCAler,

I have noticed a performance behavior with Odoo, and want to clarify if I am wrong, or not :)

In my opinion, Odoo clears too often the complete LRU Cache. So all ir.qweb, ir.model.access, and so on, has to be reloaded.
In that case, you find the Log message: "At least one model cache has been invalidated, signaling through the database."

Here just two examples when this happens:

 - Deleting a record which has got an IrModelData Entry e.g. through exporting

 - Changing a user-defined default value

In our scenario( ~1.000.000 Sale Orders, ~350 Modules installed), this results, that an F5 Browser Refresh need's ~5 seconds.
Without clearing the LRU Cache, the reload is done in < 1 second.

My question:
Is this really necessary to invalid all ir.qweb, ir.model.access data, when I just change one default value of a user, or delete one IrModelData entry ?

Is there a way to change this behavior ?

Thank you all and Best regards,

Vielen Dank und viele Grüße

Stefan Wild
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