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Re: Odoo Show

InitOS GmbH, Frederik Kramer
- 05/10/2022 11:56:59

HI David,

that is pretty useful. Finally we can get rid of PGAdmin then ;-) at least for the report and display part.

Thumbs up for sharing in the OCA and maybe doing a small lightning talk during the OCA event. What do you think?

Best Frederik

Am 05.10.22 um 00:02 schrieb David Vidal:
I have been working for fun on this little tool ( to facilitate the inspection of the data of a recordset. Any time you're into the Odoo shell either debugging any process or entering the console in a production instance we can import the show method of the library and we will see a table with the default tree fields for that record. Something like this:


Even more, you'll get links to the records urls so you can inspect them directly in the browser! (only in consoles that support console links).

By adding more attributes we can create more complex views by deciding which fields to show, grouping the records, etc. I'm working on documentation, for the moment you can see the code itself ;)

You can see a demo here ->


There's also limited support for OdooRPC, but some special cases need to be covered.

To render the tables, I'm using the fantastic rich ( which I can't stop recommending to everyone :)

I hope you enjoy it! (PRs and issues are welcome :))


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    Odoo Show

    Tecnativa. S. L., David Vidal
    - 05/10/2022 00:00:11 - 2

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