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Re: Odoo Show

- 05/10/2022 10:41:41
On 05/10/2022 00:02, David Vidal wrote:

> I have been working for fun on this little tool 

> ( 

> <>) to facilitate the inspection 

> of the data of a recordset.

Tested and adopted, It's awesome.
I used it from pytest to inspect objects, it will for sure save a lot of 
time when debugging or writing tests.

Just to share my happiness:

add to your test method:

import ipdb; ipdb.set_trace()

from your test server/vm/container/python ide:
$ pip3 install odooshow ipdb
$ cd /path/to/my_adddon
$ export PYTEST_ADDOPTS='--pdb --pdbcls=IPython.terminal.debugger:Pdb'
$ pytest -s -vv --odoo-database=tests 
--odoo-config=/var/lib/odoo/tests_odoo.conf --pdb 

Let's play with odooshow from ipdb

ipdb> from odooshow import show
ipdb> show([])

ps: Got an error if the object don't have URL (The same has Quentin 
spoke about).
I made a quick hack for now  but I will submit a clean PR today.

Thank you David for odooshow !


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    Odoo Show

    Tecnativa. S. L., David Vidal
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