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Re: PSC l10n-argentina

NimarosaDev, Nicolas Rodriguez Sande
- 28/09/2022 21:27:05
I will tell them to write here if they want. But some of them mostly speak Spanish, so I don’t think they frequent this list. 

They are authors and maintainers of different modules, and the idea is that they continue mantaining the same modules they are experienced but now in the OCA repos.

I’m a contributor of all of them and I have good understanding of Argentinian account and fiscal laws so that’s why I think being PSC can get the repo to live again. Bringing all modules together and not in different author repositories like it’s now for Argentina. 

I keep posted for news. Thanks for the response as always Pedro, you have been very helpful. 
El 28 de sep. de 2022 16:22 -0300, Pedro M. Baeza <>, escribió:
It would be interesting that they write in this thread, but I think that given the low quantity of contributors right now, Stéphane, Daniel, Simone or any other board member will push the magic button for having you onboard :)


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