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Re: PSC l10n-argentina

NimarosaDev, Nicolas Rodriguez Sande
- 28/09/2022 21:01:23
Hello, just to follow up this if we can make it. I chatted with other Argentinian localization contributors and we all agree that moving to OCA will be very beneficial for our country odoo comunity 

El 16 de sep. de 2022 12:19 -0300, Nicolas Rodriguez Sande <>, escribió:
Hello, I'm currently PSC of HR and payroll modules. I saw that the repository for my country it's orphaned and has not been updated since version 9.0. 

Currently I work with the main Argentinian Localization developers and are a contributor of one of the main ones. We want to bring our localization to OCA to make the repository active again, and also to make our localization more standardized and official through OCA. This way we expect Argentinian maintainers and developers will join us to make a unique and very maintainable localization, merging all the localizations that are currently open source but maintained by different companies. 

So i propose myself as PSC of 

Also i think that if the repo is outdated i will need to edit things like bots, and pre-commit settings, as a PSC i have access to this? Because it will be a lot of work and customization to adapt our current repositories to the OCA guidelines but we want to do it to make our country available on OCA. 

Wait for your response, and thanks!