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OCA Annual General Assembly for 2022 - upcoming dates

MoaHub, Rebecca Gellatly
- 22/09/2022 02:10:55
Hello OCA Contributors
  • AGA - The AGA is coming up in October 
    • If you are already a Delegate please make sure you have paid for your 2022 membership so you can vote - you can contact me at to check if you aren't sure or reply on this list and I will contact you directly.
    • If you are a current paid Member and interested in becoming a Delegate this year keep an eye out for upcoming AGA information to propose yourself. You'll then be able to vote in the AGA.
    • You need to be a Delegate to apply to become a Board member if this is of interest to you.
  • Key Dates
    • 10th - 21st October  - Week 1 & 2: OCA paid members of 2022 invited to apply their candidacy to become an OCA Delegate
    • 24th October  - 4th November - Week 3 & 4: Active OCA Delegates vote for 10 new OCA Delegates
    • 7th - 18th November - Week 5 & 6: OCA Delegates announce their candidacy to become an OCA Board Member or Financial Auditor (for the FA the applicant does not need to be a Delegate) on the Delegate mailing list
    • 21 November - 2nd December - Week 7 & 8: OCA Delegates vote for board members, auditors, financial statements

If you have any questions about the above please don't hesitate to get in touch on this list or email me directly and I will do my best to help out.

Warm regards,

Rebecca Gellatly
General Secretary
Odoo Community Association