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Odoo Google Drive/Spreadsheet depreciation

NUMIGI Solutions Inc., Quentin Lavallée-Bourdeau
- 14/09/2022 20:58:49
Hi all,

Just catching up concerning the depreciation of Odoo natives Google Drive & Spreadsheet functionalities following changes in OAuth flows on Google's end.

We have a few clients using Google Drive integration through the template functionality and this module.

Damien Bouvy in the PR was talking about an alternative for authentication with a Google Drive app. I am not sure about the work that would be required or the implications of such a setting... 

Did anybody start looking at this for alternate solutions before we dive in on our own ?

Thanks in advance!

Quentin Lavallee - Chargé de projets
(514) 317-7944

Longueuil, Québec, Canada