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Re: Proposal to become PSC of module OCA/payroll

Camptocamp SA, Simone Orsi
- 30/08/2022 16:54:37

I didn't get the original message indeed.
@Nicolas: I cannot find your user on our instance. Can you give me an email?


On Fri, Aug 19, 2022 at 10:57 AM Michael Telahun <> wrote:

+1 from me. Payroll needs more care and feeding :-) and Nicolas is an active contributor

On 19/08/2022 09:22, Pedro M. Baeza wrote:
Indeed it seems very weird. This is the original message (that I received being in direct copy):

Nicolas Rodriguez Sande

17 ago 2022, 17:53 (hace 2 días)

para contributors,

Hello, I'm submitting this email to become a candidate to PSC of the module OCA/payroll and also OCA/hr if needed. 

In the last months I've been submitting a lot of changes to the module OCA/payroll which was orphaned for maintenance for a long time. I created the Argentinian localization for payroll and maintain that localization in my country, which depends of the OCA Payroll module, so last months i've been migrating some estructural and improvement changes that i developed for my country localization to the base module, so all the community can benefit from this enhancements and maintenance of the module. 

Actually I'm one of the declared maintainers of the payroll modules. 

Here I cc Mr. Pedro M. Baeza who I've been in contact with for the last few months to merge the changes that I submitted in my PRs and discussed opinions about the future of the module. 
He explained to me about how OCA works and its governance laws. Also talked about being a candidate for PSC for the OCA/payroll module and suggested me to candidate for that position with his support.

Since I've been really active in the module and plan to continue improving and submitting PRs, I think I would be a good fit to be the PSC of the repository. 

About myself i can tell that i'm an informatic engineer and developer with 10 years of experience coding. I mainly work for my own business in Argentina and for my own consulting firm which covers a lot of areas of the industry in my country. I have a lot of experience as a business owner and accounting skills so I think that makes me a good developer for odoo modules because I can extract the business logic and translate into code without the hassle of bridging the functional and technical roles in this type of development. 

Finally i hope you can take my proposal into account, at least for the OCA/payroll module but i don't discard a candidature for other modules too, because i have a lot of private codebase that i developed for odoo in all this time and i wish to open that to the world of the open source software, so all people could benefit of new and updated code and also a collaborative maintenance environment.

You can see my history of movements in my GitHub account which i link here: 

If you need more information or want to ask some questions I leave this channel open for any you will need or could help you with. 

Kind Regards. 

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