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Re: Procedure to create 16.0 branches

Holger Brunn
- 20/07/2022 17:56:20
I'm mostly with Pedro here, a lot of the peculiarities of Odoo and the OCA 
setup as it is at the moment, make the current approach (=start with a clean 
slate for every version) more convenient for heavily fragmented repo's. Think 
web, server-tools. 

On the other hand I get that for "fully owned" (I just made that up) repos 
like the ones 	Stéphane is busy with (I assume), the other approach is more 
convenient. Can't we have it both ways, default is what we do now and PSC's 
are free to switch to Stéphane's model? That should get a different name then 
probably and also probably needs some support in MQT.
It will be good for any scenario to have some kind of automated migration in 
the bot, so I think we could have a look at that and if/what MQT needs during 
the code sprint for making both approaches coexist?

Your partner for the hard Odoo problems