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Re: Procedure to create 16.0 branches

Sygel Technology S.L., Harald Panten Lopez
- 20/07/2022 16:44:21
Hi, great idea Stéphane.

On the other hand, I want to make a comment about "(...)I take good note of the idea of automatically picking up unmigrated modules from 14.0 in 16.0. (...)"

Remember that there are modules that change their name from version to version, so the bot could understand that a module is not migrated when in fact it is.

An example would be account_menu, deprecated in favor of account_usability. The functionality is included in account_usability, so we do not need to migrate account_menu to 16.0.


El mié, 20 jul 2022 a las 16:32, Simone Orsi (<>) escribió:
+100 for this approach.

Regarding automatic porting: would be nice but due to the fact that we'll probably have tons of PRs I'd avoid spending time on such a tool since we already have too many PRs to shepherd.

I'm pretty sure the tool drafted here (which will land soon into OCA/oca-port) will help a lot with porting (especially if we start integrating in the branches the blacklist of PRs and commits to not port, eg:

Thank you Stéphane for the proposal, thanks everybody for the feedback :)

On Wed, Jul 20, 2022 at 4:17 PM Stéphane Bidoul <> wrote:
On Wed, Jul 20, 2022 at 3:52 PM Sylvain LE GAL <> wrote:
Well, it's a possibility. Another one is to developp a call like "robodoo r+" (Odoo SA tools), that (AFAIK) merge a PR and port and merge changes in other releases.

Unfortunately this idea of a porting bot for OCA is kind of stuck because only PSC members would be able to modify branches created by the bot.
There is an open issue about this: If there are new ideas about this, there is the place to discuss them :)
I don't know right now, and I'm not a git expert. but yes, some OCA tools could be developped, to make easier the maintenance of the changes in many release.
Stefan (Bidoul) do you have a point of view on this subject? I know that you want to update the changes of mis-builder on the different active branches of the repo.

I personally use this little script to facilitate porting pull requests across branches. A much more sophisticated one is in development here.

But in the end, these porting problems already exist today, and will not really be different if we create new branches by marking addons installable=False.
So the main thing to do IMO is put a prominent message in the migration procedure wiki to explain how to identify and port missing commits from previous branches.

I take good note of the idea of automatically picking up unmigrated modules from 14.0 in 16.0. No promise, I'll see what I can do. Contributions in maintainer-tools are always welcome :)



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