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RE: Proposing myself as l10n-spain PSC

Moduon Team, S. L., Rafael Blasco (Moduon)
- 18/07/2022 22:11:17

Hello Ignacio,


> “I need more information. Why this change?


I was on holidays in the beach, someone wrote me by WhatsApp asking if I know something about all the proposal PSC in that day, I didn’t know anything. The sea, the beach and 30º magic degrees was enough for me with my family. But I’m human and I was so curious, so I check my email.


I realize that in my PSC proposal was a few answers, all positive except one, why now there was too many answers?


I remembered the important Issue that Odoo had with SPAM and that Jairo fixed with Stephan Bidoul couples weeks ago (you can check it in discord). So, I thought, hey! Maybe my proposal was saw for a few contributors as all the emails went to spam!


The prove is that you didn’t receive the answer of Omar while it is there! à

The email from Omar was rejected by your mail server.


I just wanted to know the opinion of more contributors; (and that day looked like everyone would read it). In my first proposal I didn’t want to argument more after a decade in Odoo. I'm pretty tired of endless discussions with Pedro, I didn't want to argue anymore. But seeing so much movement, I thought, let's see what more people think, Pedro is a great contributor, but he is not the community nor is the location his, he is from everyone to everyone.


Right now, honestly, I am very happy to see how great contributors and accounting experts like Vicent or Omar are PSC for a stronger, more united, more plural and higher quality localization.


I am so happy that if you consider that the community will be better with me from PSC, great and if not, great too!


For a more plural, more united, and more participatory community. With quality yes, but with kindness and empathy.


Best regards for everyone and happy holidays!





De: Ignacio Ibeas (Acysos S.L.) <>
Enviado el: jueves, 14 de julio de 2022 17:52
Para: Contributors <>
Asunto: Re: Proposing myself as l10n-spain PSC



I'm the oldest PSC, but I know that now I'm less active.

I don't understand. You request a several weeks ago, but you withdraw the request. Now I see you get the approve from the new PSC.

Now you has this votes from PSC:

-1 Pedro M. Baeza (PSC)
+1 Harald  Panten (PSC)

For the moment I don't make a vote. The last time I went to study the request and you tell me that is not necessary.

Now you add the positive vote of Omar Castiñeira, but I don't see the mail form him.

I need more information. Why this change?



El 14/7/22 a las 13:27, Jairo Llopis escribió:

El jue, 14 de jul de 2022 a las 11:21:53 AM, Rafael Blasco <> escribió:

Due the issue in OCA about mailing list and Spam which was solved by Jairo and Stefan surely my proposition wasn’t received by the Spanish community, and today looks like the best day to refresh


Of course +1

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