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Re: Proposing myself as l10n-spain PSC

Landoo SL, Josean Soroa
- 15/07/2022 14:21:51
Hi all.

I don't want to be polemic, I just would like to have a decision based in good information and following answer of Pablo, I think he can help us with some more info.

Pablo, I know you're the leader of a very skilled team. 
To clarify this point to the rest of contributors, could you share with us github accounts of your developers and the sum of all their PRs in state closed?
I mean the metric proposed by Pedro with

In a quick review I can share this, with all of you.
PRs closed and authored by:
1) Actual PSCs in descending order
Pedro, 216
Acysos, 51
Omar, 42
Cubells, 42
Harald, 12

2) Other involved contributors
Aritz, 132
Etobella, 76

3) Studio73, ???
6 + other members of this company

Josean Soroa

El jue, 14 jul 2022 a las 18:12, Pablo Fuentes (<>) escribió:
Hello everyone,

Thank you all for your kind words. Just for the record.
Although you might think that I do not have enough experience in l10n-spain, technically I do, and functionally I am well advised by my colleagues who have enough experience (1 lawyer and 3 tax advisors).
So my proposal was on behalf of the Studio73 team because I am the one with the most availability.

About very few contributions it's not compleatly fair. I'm behind most of my colleagues contributions during the analysis and internal review and this is dificult to measure but it's ok.

Regardless, there is no problem by my side not to promote as a PSC.

Thanks for your consideration.
Best Regards,

Pablo Fuentes
Gerente - Ing. Informático

Consultoría Informática Studio 73 S.L.
C/ Camí vell de l'estació, 6 Bajo Izquierda
46870 - Ontinyent (Valencia) - 96 191 12 79

El jue, 14 jul 2022 a las 15:07, Enric Tobella Alomar (<>) escribió:
IMO, It is too soon for Pablo being a PSC member. You can check how many PRS he has done on OCA and it is not so much:
Most of them are from long time ago and only 6 in l10n-spain.
It is allways interesting to have PSCs, but I would prefer to see him more on action before.
Kind regards,
Enric Tobella Alomar
Av. J. V. Foix 63
08034 Barcelona
Tlf.    932 522 522 (Ext. 9611)
From: Urtzi Pérez <>
To: "Contributors" <>
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2022 11:56:57 -0000
Subject: Re: Proposing myself as l10n-spain PSC
In my opinion Pablo is a +1 too.
I agree with every point Josean has explained, and as the responsible of the spanish localization and member of the board of Aeodoo, I'd like to reinforce Josean's words saying that the projects we are facing this year will result in a large amount of contributions in short periods of time, so we'd need some efficiency in the deepest technical reviews most contributors can't do (mostly because of lack of experience).
Pedro, I think the most important concept is to give the Spanish localization the push it needs. I'm sure that working with skilled people like Pablo could help you (and the other actual PSCs) to improve the  repository's health.
¿Nos dejas una reseña en Google My Business? Haz Clic Aquí
Urtzi Pérez
Departamento de desarrollo |  946 519 519
Pol. Ind. Torrelarragoiti Parcela 8A- Pab. 10
48170  Zamudio 
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El jue, 14 jul 2022 a las 13:07, Pedro M. Baeza (Tecnativa) (<>) escribió:
They can contribute the same reviewing and proposing pull requests. The only difference is the right to trigger the merge command. What can't be done is someone that hasn't contributed a lot yet to the localization to have the same merits that someone that has done a lot along the years.
This proposal can be reviewed in some time when the number of contributions will be significant.
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