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Proposing myself as l10n-spain PSC

Comunitea, Omar Castiñeira Saavedra
- 13/07/2022 10:00:52
Hi all,

I would like to apply as PSC for

Main reason is I am an experienced developer and consultant in Spain, we are working with Odoo from 5.0 version (13 years of my life), first at Pexego with a lot of contributions in the early years of  the community and localization, and for the last 6 years at Comunitea.
In the early years of OCA I belonged to core-commmiters github's group, I would like apporting to evolve more quickly our localization for next Odoo's version and contribute in the future fiscal demands.

My github account is

Thanks for considering my request and regards.

Omar Castiñeira
Comunitea Servicios Tecnológicos S.L.