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Proposing myself as l10n-spain PSC

Landoo SL, Aritz Olea
- 13/07/2022 09:07:44
Hi all,

I would like to apply as PSC for

Main reason is the big development we are doing from last year to cover Basque Country requirements (Fiscal Ticketbai and Batuz project).
This task is not fully finished and we need a big push in next weeks.
Also in next months we have a team working in localization for Canary Islands, with also specific fiscal rules.
And in near future we expect to have important changes in rest of spanish fiscal rules.

I have contributed in this repository by migrating different modules (mainly TicketBAI modules) for last two years and I have a developer profile.

I have also been teaching other contributors how to correctly migrate different Spanish Localization modules to V15 in an event that was organized by the community a few months ago.

My github account is

Thanks for considering my request and regards.

Aritz Olea

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