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Generic rest_api modules

Akretion France, Sébastien Beau
- 15/06/2022 12:38:53
Hi all

With Acsone, Camptocamp and Forgeflow, we are working on several generic rest_api modules on top of odoo/oca modules that can be used in whatever application you need (e-commerce, event, portal, ....)

We were thinking first to put this modules in every related oca repo, but it's will make hard for us to maintain it (module will be everywhere)

So we would like to have a centralized repository to put all this "api" modules so it will be easier
- to have a quick overview for developper of the list of existing generic endpoint
- to maintain, by having the api maintainer working on only one repo

So are you ok with having a "rest-api" repo ?

In the long term if this repo starts to be too big, we may split it by domain (sale-rest-api, manufacturing-rest-api...)