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Re: Problem when 2 person click same button on the same state at the same time.

Sunflower IT, Tom Blauwendraat
- 09/06/2022 19:25:42

Regular way is just to check if the sale order is already confirmed, and then don't increase the sequence again.

On 6/9/22 19:22, Kitti U. wrote:
Dear community,

I don't know technical word to describe this. As we knew, Odoo's view is not refreshed in real time as data got updated backend. And this is problematic.

For example,
  • 2 users open the same document at state Draft, and a Confirm Button visible.
  • 1st user clicks Confirm, and document sequence set to 1001
  • 2nd user still see the same Confirm button (as page not refreshed), and click it, sequence now change to 1002 without consent of the first person.
Because Odoo don't have mechanism to prevent this by the framework, and this can happen easily on less mature code.

Anyone have good techniques to prevent this, rather than writing the blocking everywhere?


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