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Migration from V11 to V15 -> Fields on account.invoice.line

by "Laurence Labusch" <> - 01/06/2022 11:10:54
Hello dear contributors,

I have an issue, what some of you might have an easy solution for: After the migration from V11 to V15, obviously the account.invoice.line model was replaced in favor of account.move.line . There were custom fields on account.invoice.line which need to be migrated to account.move.line now in order that a custom module works and the data stays correct.

The migration was done by (Enterprise). The account.invoice.line table is still there with the custom fields, but I can't see a link to the migrated counterparts on account.move.line. Does anyone know what I could use as a link to copy over the values of my custom fields?

Any hint is appreciated!

Thanks and cheers,
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