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Re: Proposing myself as l10n-spain PSC

Moduon Team, S. L., Jairo Llopis
- 16/05/2022 15:43:14
El lun, 16 de may de 2022 a las 07:22:12 AM, Frederik Kramer <> escribió:

I don't know how you all think about this but this -at least to me- seems personal.

Hi Frederik. Thanks for raising this point.

Indeed I agree with you. This is the 1st time in many years contributing to OCA that I see Pedro rejecting a new PSC. It is hard to see that as a coincidence when this person he's rejecting happens to have been a previous member of Tecnativa that is today in a separate company.

If you take a look at current PSCs in the Spanish localization team, you will see that, apart from bots, only these users are PSC:
@acysos is not even a person, but a company. And has almost none OCA (or github) activity:

No doubt Rafael would be a better PSC than @acysos, FWIW.

For being PSC in a localization team what's really needed is to know the specific needs that apply for that legislation. I can tell you from personal experience that Rafael always consults required changes with Spanish accountants, lawyers and auditors.

And you can see it by yourself. This is not just my personal experience, but also can be seen in the open. For example, there was a recent discussion regarding a feature in the repo. Pedro's solution was to close the PR in 30 seconds, asking for a glue module and without further discussion. Later, when the glue module was provided, he also rejected it. Rafael, instead, asked more opinions, and at the end we got a better solution for everybody. Of course, Pedro made a direct commit of that solution, again without asking the original 1st time contributor or letting him contribute the fix.

Now judge by yourself: who acted as a better PSC there? IMO Rafael did a much better work, even without the appropriate permissions.

A PSC must help the community grow and shepherd the new contributors and new PSC. I have no doubt that's Rafael's intention, and he'll do an excellent work.

El lun, 16 de may de 2022 a las 09:27:19 AM, Sergio Corato <> escribió:
I agree with the view that a PSC must be approved by current PSCs, as personal knowledge is essential

Harald (PSC too) already approved Rafael in this same thread, and as shown @acysos is inactive (I vote for removing it as PSC due to inactivity). The rest of the community is also approving Rafael. So AFAICS Rafael's approval is perfectly valid.