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Re: Legacy system migration question

redCOR AG, Robert Rottermann
- 01/04/2022 07:35:09
I did something similar some years ago. However for a system with mostly Contacts, events and documents.
What I did, was using odoorpc.
If you are interested, I can dig out my old code for you as an idea.

On 31.03.22 21:52, Radovan Skolnik wrote:

I am working on a migration from legacy database-based system. The system 
models the entities quite similarly to Odoo (database-level wise). There are 
contacts, sale orders (and corresponding lines). invoices (and corresponding 
lines), products, purchase orders (and corresponding lines), stock levels, ...

Now I would like to prepare something that would let me ease the transfer of 
the data. One thing would be preparing exports that are easily importable. 
However there would be more than 20 of them. Another idea was to use 
Components/Connectors maybe and gradually add things. For that some hierarchy 
would be needed. Like first we do contacts, then we do product categories, then 
products, then sale orders, then sale order lines, then ...

Now I would like to prevent importing thing that are already imported. The 
reason being is there are many records (in the magnitude of tens of thousands) 
of products, contacts, ... In the source database there are timestamps so it 
is possible to detect and select new/modified records.

What I want to achieve is:
*) gradually improving the imports with more information from source system
*) prevent the necessity on cutover day to import everything as this would be 
a long process

Any suggestions/ideas are welcome.

Best regards

	Radovan Skolnik

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