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base_custom_info & product_custom_info pickle

Data Dance s.r.o., Radovan Skolnik
- 01/03/2022 15:21:27

I am using combination of base_custom_info and product_custom_info to track 
information of technical paramaters for Product Templates (product.template). 
We also use Product Variants (product.product) where is 
the name of the parameter and is used as the value for it. 
Now usually most of the technical parameters are the same for all Product 
Variants. But in some cases the Product Variants differ in one or two of these. 
So what I'd need is to assign the common values to Product Template and only 
the differing to Product Variant.

The issue is takes related model from and that links by Many2one to ir.model. So I cannot 
assign the same to product.product as I did for 

I am sure there can be devised some clever Python way to overcome this without 
breaking lots of stuff but nohing comes to my mind. Would anyone care to share 
any ideas on how to tackle this?

Thank you very much

Best regards

	Radovan Skolnik