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Re: Runboat issues with some repo

Acsone SA/NV, Stéphane Bidoul
- 18/02/2022 17:39:16
Hello Yann,

Thanks for reporting!

The first one (OCB) seems to be due to the git fetch command using more than the 1GB memory limit allocated to the container, and therefore being killed. I'll try increasing the limit.

The second one is even weirder. The Odoo install command is apparently aborted but it exists with a success code. Have you seen that in other repos ?


On Fri, Feb 18, 2022 at 1:32 PM Yann Papouin <> wrote:

I'm not sure if it should be posted on the mailing list but I have some repo that don't build correctly

+ bash /runboat/
+ rm -fr /mnt/data/initialized
+ rm -fr /mnt/data/odoo-addons-dir
+ git clone --quiet --filter=blob:none /mnt/data/odoo-addons-dir
+ cd /mnt/data/odoo-addons-dir
+ git fetch origin 97699e4a18ade716dfcd7f27193990180b98fc5b:build
error: rev-list died of signal 9
error: did not send all necessary objects
2022-02-17 13:10:47,833 23 ERROR b6d2402bf-560a-4ed9-95d4-0bd0c96f6da5 odoo.modules.loading: Some modules have inconsistent states, some dependencies may be missing: ['base_import', 'iap', 'web', 'web_diagram', 'web_editor', 'web_kanban_gauge', 'web_settings_dashboard', 'web_tour'] 
    raise ValueError('External ID not found in the system: %s' % xmlid)
ValueError: External ID not found in the system: web.login - - -

Yann PAPOUIN, Ingénieur R&D | DEC

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