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Re: PSC in project & service

Moduon Team, S. L., Jairo Llopis
- 18/02/2022 14:04:02
Hello community.

Some have notified me that my original message didn't land for some reason.

Here I'm just re-sending my request to become PSC, in case you missed that email.

Sorry for repeating (for those that got the original one)

Thanks Valentin, Rafael and Harald for your support, BTW.

El vie, 18-02-2022 a las 09:52 +0000, Valentin Vinagre Urteaga escribió:

El 18 feb 2022, a las 8:57, Harald Panten Lopez <> escribió:

+1 to Jairo (Yajo). He has a lot of experience so... I think he would be a nice incorporation to the PSC team 👍

El jue, 17 feb 2022 a las 23:47, Rafael Blasco (<>) escribió:

Another try


Before emails doesn’t deliver to the list (asked to some contributors that didn’t receive)



De: Rafael Blasco
Enviado el: martes, 15 de febrero de 2022 1:05
Para: Odoo Community Association (OCA) Contributors <>
Asunto: PSC in project & service


Dear Contributors,


Jairo sent an email yesterday, but it looks like the OCA Odoo didn’t send it.


:+1 for me



Thank you!




PSC in project & service

by "Jairo Llopis" - 14/02/2022 08:30:33


Hi dear community.


I would like to ask permissions to be PSC in the project & service group.

My profile:


Post to: