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RV: PSC in project & service

Rafael Blasco Navarro
- 17/02/2022 23:40:59

Another try


Before emails doesn’t deliver to the list (asked to some contributors that didn’t receive)



De: Rafael Blasco
Enviado el: martes, 15 de febrero de 2022 1:05
Para: Odoo Community Association (OCA) Contributors <>
Asunto: PSC in project & service


Dear Contributors,


Jairo sent an email yesterday, but it looks like the OCA Odoo didn’t send it.


:+1 for me



Thank you!




PSC in project & service

by "Jairo Llopis" - 14/02/2022 08:30:33


Hi dear community.


I would like to ask permissions to be PSC in the project & service group.

My profile: