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Info on base_import_async and asyncronious data validatation

- 17/02/2022 13:15:15
Hi to all members of the community,
I've joined the ML since little time, I'd be glad if you can
give me some hints on this subject.

Right now the base_import_async module allows to use the Odoo base
import with queues and it's quite handy.
We also have some need, to be able to process data validation
asyncroniously instead of running directly the import job.

I have read the code involved and this is implemented with a dryrun flag
so that there's a rollback in such case.

The base_import_async module doesn't provide this option.
I wonder if this choice has some reason behind it or it would be
enough to override the base_import do method and execute it through
the queue with a dryrun flag set to true.

I will be grateful for any possible hints. At the moment I am learning
to work with odoo and any ideas on any direction are really welcome,

thanks to everybody,
kind regards