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Re: Goodbye runbot, welcome runboat

Akretion France., Raphaël Reverdy
- 28/01/2022 11:54:17
Thanks ! It's a huge improvement.

Le ven. 28 janv. 2022 à 09:26, Aarón Henríquez Quintana <> a écrit :
It works like a charm! I can start an environment instantly, it is a huge improvement.

Thanks a lot Stéphane!

On Fri, 28 Jan 2022 at 09:16, Radovan Skolnik <> wrote:
Thaks a million, Stephane! Magnificient work indeed!

Best regards,

	Radovan Skolnik

On štvrtok 27. januára 2022 18:07:31 CET Stéphane Bidoul wrote:

> Dear contributors,

> As you may have noticed, a new tool arrived in the OCA landscape: runboat.

> It is a runbot replacement that is specially tailored to OCA needs. Its key

> feature is that it prepares Odoo environments from GitHub commits, and once

> they are initialized they are kept in a dormant state, ready to start in

> seconds when needed for testing. This way we can have a very large number

> of environments ready to use (up to 10 000 on our current machine), so

> there is a great chance that the branch you want to test is readily

> available and there is no wait for functional people wanting to contribute.

> If you are curious about the technology behind it, the runboat source code

> is available on GitHub [1] , and this twitter thread highlights some tools

> used to create it [2] . It is currently enabled for branches 10 to 15. And

> the test environment corresponding to each PR or commit is linked as part

> of the GitHub checks (look at the red cross or green check mark).


> Soon, links to runboat will be added to the files of all repos for

> branches 13, 14 and 15. You can also open it for a repo and Odoo version

> with a link like this:


> h=14.0 [3] It is currently not enabled for branches older than 10, although

> in principle it should work for 8 and 9 too. If you need it and want to

> help make it happen, do not hesitate to get in touch on discord. Since

> runboat is proving to work very well and is much more resource efficient

> than runbot, while at the same time providing a better user experience, we

> can now shutdown runbot, in order to save on OCA server costs. With the

> help of Alexandre Fayolle, we are going to do that in the coming weeks, so

> prepare to say goodbye to runbot! Most existing links to

> [4] will then redirect to runboat. In the

> meantime, if you notice issues do not hesitate to get in touch by @

> mentioning me on the PRs for which the runboat build would fail and you

> don't readily understand why or how to fix it. This will also help prepare

> for the move from Travis to GitHub actions which we are also planning in

> the first part of 2022. I also monitor the OCA Infrastructure discord

> channel from time to time. Best regards, and happy testing!

> -sbi

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