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New repositories : cooperative and participative supermarket

Coop IT Easy SC agréée, Robin Keunen
- 14/01/2022 11:25:56
Hi all,

At Coop IT Easy, we’ve been working for 5 years with cooperative and participatory supermarkets (aka Food Coop, ex: BEES coop). We would like to bring most of that code under the OCA umbrella. The code is now divided into two repositories :

We will need to 
  • remove all references to Obeesdoo and Easy My Coop (debranding) ;
  • split modules by features ; 
  • cover more code with unit tests.
These solutions have been used in production for several years now and is now used by 11 supermarkets and 25+ cooperatives (plus a few others by other integrators). Everything is in version 12 and we will soon migrate cooperative modules to version 14.

Based on the OCA repository policy, we would like to propose to create these 3 new repositories :
  1. cooperative with all modules in beta-stage while we debrand them. 
  2. shift-planning (or shift-management ?) with all modules dealing with shifts in beta stage as well.
  3. vertical-cooperative-supermarket as an incubation repository while we move all the features to oca/purchase-workflow, oca/pos, …
What do you think ? Is there room for these projects at the OCA ?

You can find more information on these Github Issues RFC Moving Obeesdoo to OCA #247 and RFC Moving Easy My Coop to OCA.

All inputs welcome,

Robin Keunen

Robin Keunen 
Coop IT Easy 
+32 488 86 57 40