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Re: oca/oca.recipe.odoo repository?

Holger Brunn
- 22/12/2021 11:27:49
> Could somebody with the appropriate permissions make the settings accessible

> to the maintainers (StefanRijnhart+hbrunn at the moment)?

> Currently permissions are managed via a GitHub team sync script, from the

> PSC members database. The current policy is that only PSC representatives

> and board have admin access to the repos. I'm not sure it still makes sense

> for tooling repos such as this one, but it's the way it is now. I gave you

> access, but it may only last until the team sync script kicks in again.

thanks Stéphane, I changed the bits that need changing currently, so it won't 
be super problematic if we lose access again.

> Generally, who is the address to ask about OCA github permission stuff? I

> try to avoid asking Alexandre about everything.

> I guess it's [3] , but it will mostly end up with

> Alexandre and myself anyway ;) That's also something we'll need to work on,

> i.e. manage the bus factor for the OCA infrastructure. Cheers,

indeed, that's an important one.

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