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FAQ on OCB github's wiki

- 27/11/2021 11:09:17
Hi everyone

I am working on the OCB wiki.
I've already renamed with "OLD-" prefix all the pages related to 
migration from Launchpad to Github, and I started an OCB purpose page 
and a draft FAQ. Could you help to answer these simple questions (short 
answers, please)? 

- Can I fix bugs directly in OCB ?

   OCB only accept changes if you submit your fix against the official 
version to prevent to be a fork in the end. All updates must be 
submitted to the official odoo branch for adoption in the official odoo 
release before they can be considered for the OCB version.

- Do I need the Odoo CLA signed to submit a patch to OCB branches ?

   No. But as you need to submit your patch upstream, Odoo SA will 
probably ask you to sign it. The OCA encourages you to carefully read 
this document, as it allows Odoo s.a. to relicense your contribution. 
Some important contributors from the OCA have signed that document 
because this eases the work of the core maintainers and the OCB 

- Does it contains backports ?
- Does it contains fixes that are not on same Odoo version, but on 
higher versions ?
- Does it maintains versions that are no more maintained by Odoo ?
- Does OCA's runbot use OCB ?
- Why is it sometimes behind Odoo ? does it concern minor updates ?
- Why should we use OCB instead of Odoo nightly ?

   Because it contains more bug fixes and because it is maintained for a 
longer time.

- How to use OCB ?

  See Odoo documentation about installing from source. Use git clone and 
update frequently.

Best regards

Xavier Brochard
La liberté est à l'homme ce que les ailes sont à l'oiseau (Jean-Pierre