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Re: Discount on a separate account move line for odoo v14+

Alexinux, Alexis de Lattre
- 18/11/2021 22:48:09
Dear Cyril,

My understanding is that, in the French chart of account, account 709 is only for a very specific scenario, when you generate a customer refund after the initial customer invoice to compensate for a defect of the product for exemple.

This page explains it very well:

A regular "discount" on a customer invoice line will go to the 707 account (no separation of the discount and the regular price).



Le jeu. 18 nov. 2021 à 19:26, Cyril VINH-TUNG <> a écrit :
Thank you Daniel, yes discount might be in separate lines with specific products... but in case of percentage discount, we need to calculate each line and add a new line for every line in the invoice
It might result into a twice big general ledger.
The same behavior as taxes would be the best solution but with dynamic percentage... and specific account according to the main account
I am sure that French Guys like Akretion, C2C or Acsone already had that question because it's France specific to french account chart


Best Regards/Cordialement
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Le jeu. 18 nov. 2021 à 07:52, Daniel Reis <> a écrit :
Hello Cyrill,

If it is viable to have the discount in a separate line, that would be a 
configuration only solution.


On 18/11/21 16:52, Cyril VINH-TUNG wrote:

> Dear all

> The accountant experts here in French Polynesia ask to split the 

> discount to a separate account. For example, 707 account is used for 

> the product sale and 709 account is used for discount.

> Use case :

> Product is sold 1000 EUR with 10% discount and 20% VAT.

> Product sale (707) : 1000 credit

> Discount (709) : 100 debit

> VAT (4457) : 180 credit

> Customer (411) : 1080 debit

> Does anybody has a solution for this ?

> Thank you and Best Regards

> Cyril


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