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OCA Days 2021 - Links to talks

MoaHub, Rebecca Gellatly
- 03/11/2021 04:00:47
Hello OCA Contributors,

It was wonderful to be able to see so many of you throughout the OCA Days 2021 last week.
Thank you again to our speakers and attentive attendees for making it a great community event!

The individual talks will be up on YouTube in the coming weeks, we'll keep you posted when they are ready to watch.

I just thought I would share a quick link document that our good friends at Numigi have created to the timed links of the talks to make it quicker for you to access while you wait for the separate talks to be uploaded online. Thanks Numigi!

Thanks again to everyone for their energy over the OCA Days!

Take care,

Rebecca Gellatly
General Secretary
Odoo Community Association