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New PSC for OCA/l10n-brazil project

- 27/10/2021 20:36:43
Hello, contributors,

I would like to propose Marcel Savegnago from the Escodoo Brazilian company as a new PSC for OCA/l10n-brazil.

Marcel came with both a strong open source culture and strong ERP culture. That is both the technical and the functional culture we need.

Over the last 18 months, he still did his homework, that is learn the OCA culture and ecosystem by participating in many OCA repo. This is very important considering our localization is arguably the most complex at least in the OCA and some modules are a bit daunting, forcing us to make more advanced design decisions than most other localizations around (l10n_br_fiscal is the largest OCA module, and our electronic invoicing is also the most complex by far).

You may know Marcel because he got these 14 merged PR's OCA/manufacture:

these 34 merges in OCA/fleet:

or these 7 merges in OCA/helpdesk

As for us for OCA/l10n-brazil, Marcel got 74 PRs very welcome merged into OCA/l10n-brazil over the last 18 months
and countless constructive reviews, always helping others.

He his also an author or mentionned contributor of 15 OCA modules