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RE: Product set configurator

ALLIASYS, Yves Le Doeuff
- 07/10/2021 15:13:15

Hello Sebastien,


This module is what we are looking for.

Your module is a backend module but

Is there an extension to integrate this function in an Odoo e-commerce website ?



Yves Le Doeuff


De : Sebastien Beau <>
Envoyé : vendredi 24 septembre 2021 18:27
À : Contributors <>
Objet : Re: Product set configurator


Hi Yves


You can take a look at this project :

I plan to contribute it to OCA and I will propose a talk on it during OCA days.


The main concept is to define options on products (options are other products)

Then on a sale order you can add a "main line" (the product configurable) and "children line" that are linked to the configurable product.






Le ven. 24 sept. 2021 à 17:22, Yves Le Doeuff - Alliasys <> a écrit :

Dear contributors,


I am looking for a product configuration module to assemble a coherent set of compatible products. The typical example of use is the configuration of a computer (motherboard, processor, memory...). Each step of the assembly must allow to choose a component compatible with the previous choices according to rules to be defined (example: the processor chosen at step 2 must be compatible with the motherboard chosen at step 1).

I looked at the Product configurator module but it does not correspond exactly to what I am looking for because it uses the attributes of a single product but, in my case, the result will be a set of products added to the sale order (or to the cart on a e-commerce website).

Example of typical use on for a server configuration:

Does this functionality exist in an OCA module (front end and back end) ?


Thank you for your help

Best regards


Yves Le Doeuff

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