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Odoo mailing-list (channels) and missing pictures

DEC, Yann Papouin
- 05/10/2021 17:11:59
Hi everyone,

I'm currently stuck on an Odoo behaviour about pictures in email sent on Odoo mailing-lists.

I'm pretty sure that you already noticed this behaviour on this list: instead of seeing your picture, you see its alt attribute as "picture-of-thing.png".

That's because when the mail is sent to Odoo, it converts base64 pictures to attachments and the mail content is transformed with an img tag

<img src="/web/image/521951?access_token=a8301246-ab90-46a5-9dfe-eff9df3dafb4" alt=" picture-of-thing.png" width="437" height="562">

The access_token is working perfectly but the img src is not composed using a FQDN ...

Is there a module-workaround for this ?
If not, I will have to create a fix, does someone know where it occurred in the code ?

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