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Re: Translations and UI

IT IS AG, Joerg Lorenz.
- 07/09/2021 12:24:03

Sharing our experiences: 

we have just done the translations for our V14 the fork from odoo 14 community that has some 170 extra modules from our side, for all the German terms (translated from en_US).

We wrote a module to find all the terms needed. 

It were about 49000 terms to translate, consisting of single words as well as whole sentences. Picking the right term constantly is tricky. 

First we have used a paid service the get the po-file pretranslated (poedit), but this is only beginning.

Auto translate is cumbersome, so we did manual retranslation with a team of 6 people, with great knowledge of, because the forms/messageboxes are not necessarily visible during translation. this would be really great if the po file could contain a link to the form that needs translation to get the "context"

In particular, we did quite some extensions to surveys, so you can store an duplicate sections and build a new survey more quickly with it. We also dealt with translations there, but mainly because of the wrong language preset. 

Maybe this can help a little for the process you are going through. If you need anything, just drop me a mail 

Best, Joe or

Von: "Rémi CAZENAVE - Le Filament" <>
An: "Odoo Community Association, (OCA) Contributors" <>
Gesendet: Dienstag, 7. September 2021 10:22:26
Betreff: Translations and UI

Dear all,

We are struggling with dealing with translations for one of our customers using mainly advanced surveys (with Odoo 12.0).

Basically, they design all their surveys in French + they use template surveys that they duplicate for new ones, changing titles and a few labels / questions inside.

Then they need to translate these surveys in English and German, since some of them are sent to non-French speaking companies.

Because Odoo considers that sources terms are en_US, we have everywhere names in source terms like "template (copy)", which is of course not the term they need to translate in English and German but the French terms are to be translated in these languages. Also names in survey tables are the original en_US ones (with (copy) inside) which means nothing to them...

I am not sure how to address this ? I have seen a number of issues on GitHub which are marked as normal behaviour and won't fix, but of course this does not help.

I have tried a few things, and my last idea is the following : force context to lang = en_US and do not translate in French (leave terms untranslated) so that it will use source terms for French. Then activate en_GB and de_DE for translating french source in these languages.

I have tried using context="{'lang': 'en_US'}" on translated fields in views but this does not seem to be taken into account, only context in action is but this use all fields in English then (meaning labels, group strings, etc.), which is not the intended purpose.

We will probably override write() actions to force lang in context.

I suppose many of you have already faced issues with translations, any idea, remark, link is welcome !

Best Regards,


Le Filament

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